GallusReactome - a curated knowledgebase of Gallus gallus biological pathways
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Amino acid metabolism Carbohydrate metabolism DNA repair Lipid metabolism
Pyruvate metabolism Telomere maintenance The tricarboxylic acid cycle Innate immune response mediated by toll like receptors
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The aim of GallusReactome, based at the University of Delaware and the NYU School of Medicine, is to develop a curated repository for Gallus gallus pathways and reactions in collaboration with the Reactome project. The information in this database is authored by biological researchers with expertise in their fields, maintained by the GallusReactome staff, and cross-referenced with external databases including UniProt, KEGG (Compound), ChEBI, PubMed and GO. In addition to curated Gallus gallus events, inferred orthologous events in zebra finch, turkey, crocodile and other Archosaurian species will be available in a future release.

GallusReactome is a free on-line resource, and Reactome software is open-source. However, please take note of our disclaimer.
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